Room At The Inn COMO

Our guests need so much more in their lives than a warm place to stay. Even if you're unable to work with us at our shelters, we encourage you to be an advocate for those in need in our community. Please take time to educate yourself about common misconceptions surrounding the homeless and work to education others. There are many fantastic services and groups here in Columbia serving the needs of our guests all year long. We ask you to support them and the people they serve. In addition, we also encourage you to stay informed of government issues that could be opportunities to advocate for those in need.


Columbia Interfaith Resource Center

ATTN: RATI Donations

P.O. Box 272

Columbia, MO 65205

Setup: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Evening: 6:15pm - 9:30 or 11:30pm

Overnight: 11:15pm - 5:30am

Morning: 5:15am - 7:30am

Restoration: 7:30am - 9am

*Additional shifts on transition days between host sites

Volunteer Shifts


The following is a list of donations that we will always gladly accept. Donations can be dropped off at the host site after 5:30pm, or at Broadway Christian Church with Debby Graham during business hours, or with Megan Corbin at Central Missouri Community Action, or at the Voluntary Action Center.

Donations are a critical part of what we do and we are very grateful for your generosity. We accept donations in many different forms including donations of goods and monetary gifts. Both are greatly needed and we encourage you to consider the impact you can make with your resources and gifts. Monetary gifts can be sent to the "Columbia Interfaith Resource Center" with a note/memo for "Room At The Inn Columbia" at the following address: 

donating Money or Supplies

Volunteers can assist in a number of different ways depending on the times they are available and the amount of work they wish to do. Each night is broken into several shifts, each with its specific duties. We also have some special holiday opportunities where volunteers can help our guests celebrate the festive season.

Below is a general schedule of the different volunteer shifts and the link to sign up!

Volunteers during evening and morning shifts must be 18 or older, and 23 or older for overnight shifts.


be an ally

Work in the community to raise awareness about the homeless population and help us to find more people to get involved.

be a donor

Purchase and give some items we commonly use at the shelters or consider making a monetary gift. However you choose to give, we will use it.

be a doer

Volunteer at one of our shelter host sites and spend time with our guests for an evening or help us to transition from one site to another.

Where Do You Sleep?

Christmas & New Years Shifts

Holiday Breakfast

Holiday Lunch

Holiday Supper 

Evening and overnight: Normal hours

Gift Cards

•          Walmart

Cleaning Supplies

•          Scrubbing bubbles

•          Disinfectant spray and wipes

•          Comet

•          Glass cleaner

•          Paper towels

•          Toilet bowl cleaner

Personal Items

•          Men's and women's underwear

•          Tampons

•          Warm gloves

•          Hand warmers

•          Deodorant

•          Chap stick

Medication and first aid

•          Cough drops

•          Advil

•          Aspirin

•          Nicotine patches or lozenges

•          Cold Medication

•          Allergy medication

•          Sterile gloves

•          Medication cups

Food prep and serving items

•          Napkins

•          Sandwich Bags

•          Plastic gloves

•          Paper plates

•          Coffee cups

•          Paper bowls

•          Plastic spoons and forks

•          Disposable condiment cups

•          Condiment bottles