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Phone: 573-355-7151



The Intake Coordinators are responsible for keeping record of those we serve. They welcome guests and make sure we fill our cots while meeting safety standards.

The On-Site Managers are responsible for overseeing evening and overnight operations at the host site including supervision of both guests and volunteer staff.

Contact a manager at (573) 823-0271, 6pm-7am throughout the shelter season, to check bed availability or provide updates regarding volunteer schedules. 

The Intake Coordinators

Room At The Inn is a winter warming shelter operated as a collaboration between the local congregations of Columbia. We are a dedicated group of volunteers who care deeply for the people in this community, especially those in need. When the cold winter months come, the various partner congregations come together and ensure that the local homeless population has a warm, safe, and comfortable place to stay. We invite you to join us in helping to fulfill our mission.

Welcome to room at the inn

Our Guests

Our guests are a diverse and integral part of our community. They are survivors and they struggle every day just to survive.


Our volunteers are the backbone of everything we do. Whether through giving of time, efforts, or resources, they always carry our mission forward.


Room at the Inn Winter Shelter will provide a warm and safe place to sleep during the winter months (period of January 1 through February 28, adjusted as weather dictates) between the hours of 7:00 pm - 7:00am.

On-Site managers

Our History

In 2008, a group of concerned downtown ministers and parishioners, with a lot of faith and hard work, opened the first Room at the Inn Winter Shelter at Missouri United Methodist Church to prevent homeless people in our community from freezing to death. This tradition has continued every year since that time, in different locations and organizational structures, but with the same mission:  to serve our neighbors in need. We have learned a lot over time. There is more organization, staff, volunteers, marketing, training, security, and community involvement but we have to admire the organizers of that first Room at the Inn who had enough faith to just open their doors and let strangers come in from the cold. This ministry has saved lives and offered fellowship to people in our community and in our own congregation.​

Jim Jantz

Meet the COordinator

Room At The Inn COMO